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Cover Story - January/February 1987

The L&C Interview: A Conversation with Andy Hotton of AHA

By: LCT Staff

Andy Hotton, after a start with the Ford Motor Company in 1936, served in the war and learned about the manufacturing of automotive parts and in the design of specialty vehicles. He built his first limousine for Ford in 1963.

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(clockwise from top left) Bob Meehan, Debbie Mazza, Barbara Pastelak, Joe Pastelak, Elsie Pepe, Deanna Pastelak.

Operator Profile: Gem Limousine Of Linden, New Jersey

Joe and Barbara Pastelak discovered a limousine service for sale in 1976. The company had been idle for several months. The “business” had neither customers nor employees to offer. The only assets were three older Cadillac formal limousines. But Joe and Barbara sensed an opportunity ...