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Cover Story - June 1983

Delivering a Complete Set of Services: a Profile of Dillinger/Gaines

By: John Kilroy, Staff Writer

Jack Schwartz entered the limousine business in a manner far different than most limousine manufac­turers.

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Maintain a Suitable Ad Budget

There were those who said at the time that the market’s renewed vigor was a sign of good times to come. Others were skeptical.


The Young Consumer

The month of May was punctuated by those nights when area high schools would hold their senior proms and the kids would sacrifice their savings accounts for a night of grandeur, complete with limousine. June is traditionally the month of weddings, and limousines are becoming as much of a necessary part of the wedding day, in some areas, as champagne fountains.


Executive Protection

Official of a school for personal protection relate the rising need for executive security, as well as some tips on security-conscious driving.