New Year's Industry Wish – Peace and Prosperity for All

Jim Luff
Posted on January 8, 2020
Get up and make 2020 a great year with LCT! (Photo by cottonbro from

Get up and make 2020 a great year with LCT! (Photo by cottonbro from

It’s hard to believe 2020 has finally arrived. Since I was a child, we looked forward to the year 2020. Many movies have been set in the year 2020 long before the actual year arrived. Perhaps the Jetsons cartoon was set in 2020 when I began watching it in 1964.

We haven’t advanced to flying aero-cars yet. The Roomba vacuum cleaner is as close to Rosie the robot housecleaner on the Jetsons. We drive around in our cars chatting on the phone with people anywhere in the world. After dark, drivers are illuminated in LED lights from cars featuring an array of electronics. We have added such features as automatic windshield wipers that come on as soon as they detect water; cars that back themselves up, apply the brakes as needed, and even drive themselves down the highway. We have come a long way since my days of watching the Jetsons and imagining what life in 2020 might be like.

However, as we begin 2020, I see much discontent. While our country is enjoying the best economy in decades, we are on the brink of war with Iran. Closer to home and my personal life, we find our luxury ground transportation industry disrupted and divided in a war that continues to baffle me every day as I and LCT certainly didn’t start it. I am puzzled with how to solve it.

Yet, I am determined that it will not consume my life or detract from my mission of delivering great education and news to the industry. I have big dreams for the industry and I simply can’t take the time to engage in an unwarranted and petty conflict right now as I am too busy trying to figure out how I can help operators achieve their own big dreams and developing new regional educational programs to meet the needs and budgets of smaller operators.

As we begin 2020, I offer my wish of peace to all. You will not find me picking fights with our competitor as the much bigger challenge is to grow the prosperity business pie for all. The struggle for cheaper insurance, less regulation, adequate employee resource pools, and better fleet fuel programs mean more than a scrap over trade shows.

It doesn’t serve well for me to focus on anything but your needs and your desire to grow and prosper in your business. I spent 25 years as an operator. I am proud to say, I am the only person to ever lead any industry magazine or trade show that has actual experience on the real street. I know what matters to you. I know how to increase your net profit and that will remain my sole focus for the 2020s. My wish is for a year of peace and prosperity for all.

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