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Jim Luff
Posted on November 27, 2019

I know many of you were probably stunned last week as LCT and I jointly announced I had taken on a new role as general manager of the LCT brand. I can share with you I am probably just as stunned as everyone else. I never envisioned leading the brand, as the sequence of events that led up to the appointment was completely coincidental and based solely upon good timing.

Most of you likely know I began writing for LCT Magazine in 2004 as a contractor. This followed a few years of writing for the now-defunct Limousine Digest magazine. Outside of our former publisher, Sara Eastwood-Richardson, my original team members have all departed over the years. I have had the privilege of working under the direction of three different editors during my tenure here at LCT. Martin Romjue has been my editor for the past eleven years, and I am now honored to occupy a desk just 25-feet away from his and work closer together than ever before, both figuratively and literally.

The moment the simultaneous announcements of my new position were made on Facebook, my cell phone blew up with calls and my email filled up with a mixture of messages. Some were congratulatory, some were downright nosey, and most were simply curious about the move from part-time contractor status to full-time general manager and leader of the brand.

What most people want to know is why I made this drastic change. There is an assumption I left my former employer to jump ship. That is not the case at all. In fact, I had decided to step out of my former position before I was invited to apply for my new role at LCT. That decision was a personal one based on many factors, and had nothing to do with my new position. I had planned to settle into a job within my own community and one that would not require much travel. Once I informed the leaders of LCT I would be able to take on additional writing assignments, the discussion with LCT began and soon after, I gladly accepted the new position.

The second thing people want to know about is what happened with Sara. I am happy to report she is as much a part of the team as ever. She is now focused on the sales of ads, sponsorships, and exhibit space for the International LCT Show. This is an area Sara has always excelled in. Just as I was seeking a change in my daily work, so was she. As I said, the timing and series of events all led up to where we are today.

I am looking forward to leading the brand into 2020. LCT has been near and dear to my heart for nearly 15-years, and that’s a total of one half of my career in this industry. I plan to be a good steward of the brand and provide the best education and the freshest business information available through print, digital, online, webinars, trade shows, and regional events. But my most important role will be listening to you.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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  • Anthony

     | about 8 months ago

    Congratulations..... I hope that you clean up the lctmag from the slum operators that have been using this platform to acquire business and farm ins.... A few months ago a corporate operator needed some extra sedans in santa barbara.. one such slum operator sent 2 sedans.... the business owner had to send that vehicle back to long beach since the driver looked like a homeless person!!!!! The fake vehicle fleet size is also a continuing issue... allowing owners to post fake fleet size also does not help anyone in the industry Someone is saying they have 86 vehicles.. well... do they actually run? What year are those vehicles? What tire brand do they use... I dont think most of you would be haooy to farm out to a company that has had plenty of flat tires with customers due to installing cheap chinese brand tires??? Having 4 sprinters with no a/c vents in the passenger compartment is simply CRIMINAL...just waiting for a farm in to ruin a limo service reputation

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