The Perfect Session For Small Fleet Operators At LCT East

Jim Luff
Posted on October 1, 2019

2019 LCT East offers one big place to learn about marketing and promoting your company and the absolutely perfect place to do it. (LCT file photo)

2019 LCT East offers one big place to learn about marketing and promoting your company and the absolutely perfect place to do it. (LCT file photo)

OK, so I might be biased when I call my sales and marketing session the “Absolute Perfect Session” at LCT East for small fleet operators. But sales and marketing are the tools you absolutely must command to be successful in your growth efforts.

We are bombarded every day of our lives with marketing and advertising campaigns. Do you know the difference between the two? If you are at a sports event and looking at sponsor billboards, are you looking at advertising or marketing? The correct answer is: It depends on the content and the type of business.

Advertising in the luxury ground transportation is futile and pointless unless you have a super-mega sale on limousine rentals where the prices are good through today only. Advertising moves people to take action right away. It is unlikely you would ever move someone in an advertisement to book a luxury vehicle on the same day.

Perhaps you bought an ad in LCT’s International Affiliate Directory. While we call that placement in the directory an “ad," it really is considered “marketing." No affiliate in London will call you the day they see your ad in LCT Magazine simply because they saw the ad. You should expect when someone from London needs an affiliate in your area, they will remember seeing your ad.

I will teach you how to connect with local media, local event planners, and the who’s who of your community without ever having to open your wallet. I will teach you how to make your company the go-to one for local media. I will teach you how to display your vehicles at major events, post signage at events, be included in the official event program, and even get podium time in front of people to share information about your company.

Here’s one tidbit: As Halloween is approaching, contact the promotions director of your local TV station and suggest they do a Halloween costume contest during their morning news. Offer to take the winner and their guests trick-or-treating in a limousine. Your limousine will be featured on-the-air promoting the contest in advance, the day of the contest, and likely a camera crew will catch up with you during the evening as you trick-or-treat. Your cost? Fuel and wages for your chauffeur. I have many more ideas to share with you that will make your company name prominent within your community and perhaps the entire industry.

We had no advertising or marketing budget when we opened our doors in 1990 with a single limousine. We grew the company to 29 vehicles through marketing and advertising, and I’ll teach you how to duplicate what I did. Come see me! You’ll be glad you did: Tuesday, Nov. 5, at 10 a.m.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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