A First-Timer’s Perspective On The LCT Show

Tim Swart
Posted on April 24, 2019
Limo University's Tim Swart on his first LCT show floor. (photos: Tim Swart)

Limo University's Tim Swart on his first LCT show floor. (photos: Tim Swart)

I’ve been working with the luxury ground transportation industry for about a year. I can honestly say I’ve learned more about how it operates and the people who work within it from my experiences at the two LCT shows I’ve attended than all the time I’ve worked with operators remotely. In particular, the International LCT Show in Las Vegas (March 25-27) had a profound impact on my perspective of the people who make up this industry.

Working at Limo University, I have the privilege of speaking with operators from all over the world each day. I get to work hands-on with them and help them adopt best practices as well as introduce new digital marketing strategies most operators don’t have time to keep up with.

When I booked my flight to Las Vegas, I couldn’t help but assume this show would be one big party (I admit this also was my first time in Las Vegas). Four days later, I landed in Nashville with a new perspective…and it had nothing to do with the city of Las Vegas.

Here are my three biggest takeaways from the 2019 International LCT Show through the eyes of a first-timer:

1. Everyone is hungry to learn.

For an industry that has been around for decades, there are plenty of business owners who are eager to learn and try new things. Although this industry was not born yesterday, its rapid rate of change makes education a permanent necessity to keep people up to date and not get left in the dust. The educational content at the ILCT show was superb and the attendees surprised me with their cooperation and engagement. We (Limo University) hosted three sessions: Limo 101 with Bill Faeth, Monday’s Mastermind with Bill Faeth, and Tuesday’s Mastermind with, well… Bill Faeth.

Our Limo 101 session was scheduled for Sunday morning, and to be honest, I thought most people would relax throughout the “Pre Show” and hit the ground running starting Monday morning. It was to my surprise that our room, which was seated for 200 people, quickly filled up until we were shoulder-to-shoulder in the very back, waiting for more chairs to be brought in. Bill delivered his best session to date in that room, and I could see it on the attendees’ faces. Catching up with Limo University members, meeting new people after the session, and hearing their thoughts on Bill’s delivery of the “framework all successful companies have” humbled me, and proved these operators came to ILCT to make legitimate improvements to their businesses.

2. This industry feels like one big family.

Everybody knows everybody. At times, being on the showroom floor felt like a high school reunion. I watched operators who’ve known each other for 20+ years spot each other from opposite ends of the massive showroom floor. I’m sure they see each other often considering there are two LCT shows every year no one wants to miss. But I could tell some tight-knit relationships span across many companies.

Having worked within this industry for only a year, I got to meet many people for the first time…but I swear, everyone I met knew someone I already had a relationship with, client or otherwise. Everyone! It made me realize attendees resembled one big family. Some are distant relatives, others are siblings, but in one way or another, everyone is related.

3.Grech Motors has the most gorgeous buses.

Being that Limo University is an online educational platform, it’s not every day I get to actually sit inside the vehicles my clients use regularly. In marketing, I often say the experience of being wrapped in luxury and utility is what you want to sell to your prospects…I confirmed this on the showroom floor.

Grech Motors had the largest display and their centerpiece, the new EG40 Freightliner mini-coach, could not go unnoticed. I sat inside the EG40 for about an hour total, inspecting every stitch on the seats and the attention to detail at every touch point. It was then I realized why these buses attract the most valuable clients.

Even the shape of the exterior looked better in person than in the pictures I work with each day. The sheer size was impressive. Seeing this bus among others was one of the highlights of the show for me. LCT did a fantastic job putting together engaging displays with spectacular vehicles.

I’m ready for the next show.

Overall, I’ll never forget my first Las Vegas experience. Not because of the notorious strip or fancy casinos (that’s what my next vacation is for), but because of the brand-new perspective it gave me on this industry. I realized no matter how quickly this industry evolves, the business owners within it will remain grounded and stay the hardest working, most ambitious people I’ve ever worked with. I am looking forward to the next show.

Tim Swart is a content marketing specialist for Bill Faeth’s Limo University where he helps serve a shared mission of educating business owners on the use of innovative digital marketing tactics along with proven business best-practices to increase profitability and growth. He can be reached at [email protected]

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