The One Video You Need to Have in Your Sales Toolkit

Bill Faeth
Posted on November 7, 2018

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This one video I'm referring to is called the "80% Video." This is something every company — regardless if you’re in the limo industry (small or large) or not — needs to have in their sales toolkit.  

First, because it's quick and easy to put together, and secondly, you don't need any high-end video equipment.  You can shoot this video in HD with an iPhone, a lavalier mic, a cheap tripod, and a LED light for less than $100.

Overcoming Sales Objections

The point of this video is to help you get over the sales objections with your customers faster by providing solutions in the video. I just did a Facebook Live broadcast about this topic inside the Limo Growth Facebook Group, and you can click the link right here to see that live discussion if you would like to.

The reason I bring this up is because sales objections are one of the hardest things for us in this business. There's so many issues you have to address, including competing with the TNCs, not being able to really supply on-demand, our higher pricing, and the New York limousine crash, which got a tremendous amount of national media coverage. That incident is now spurring many different questions most of us aren’t prepared to answer about our insurance, chauffeur training, and safety and quality control.  

As you're getting these new questions—and I know it's difficult for you to train your CSRs to all be on the same page—what if you went to those customer service reps and asked each one individually to write down the top 10 questions they get asked? I don't mean for them to write them down right then and there. Have them take a week or two so they can take a volume of phone calls. If you have two or three of these people, it's even better to have both of them write down those top 10 questions.  What you're going to find is typically 70%-80% of the questions being written down by your CSRs overlap. They are the same or similar questions.

Introducting The 80% Rule

That's where the 80% rule comes in. You have two to three people who are engaging with your prospects and your customers, and they are getting all the same questions.  But here’s the problem: They are probably answering them differently, usually by typewritten quotes. This could be when they are discussing a group, wedding, prom, or a roadshow over the phone. What happens is if you take those eight to 10 questions, you will be able to answer them in a video to where you can deliver it to your CSR. They can leverage it for training and reference so they are answering consistently with all of your clients.  Most importantly, when they send out that quote, there are many times where the prospect will not think of all of their questions while they are on the phone with you or the CSR.  

Take these eight or 10 questions and answer them specifically in a video, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, and then put a link in that quote or reply emails saying, “These are some additional questions you may want to have answers to,” or “Did you know...?” and a link to the video. Another title could be “The Top 10 questions our customers ask us every day,” and then you link the video. You can host it on your website and just put a link to your webpage. If you're going to host it on YouTube, you can post an image or just the direct link to the YouTube channel or Vimeo.  

What happens when you do this is now you send me, as your prospect, that quote or a follow-up recap email with a link to the video after we have had a sales call. This shows me you're really thinking about my needs AND you're efficient in answering my questions. That's my perspective as a prospect, but for you, the benefit is you have just gotten over the top eight to 10 sales objections your prospects will have. The great thing about that is when you send out a quote, that prospect is thinking about other questions and negativities you can’t answer live on that phone.

Video Answers Lead To Stronger Sales

By creating this 80% video, which is the absolute one video every business should have in their sales toolkit, you will have a much higher conversion percentage because you're able to get over those objections by providing the solutions that answer those questions in the 80% video.  

To recap:
1. Have your CSR accumulate the top 10 questions they get from your
prospects. If you're the owner/operator/answering the phone, write them down so you know them.  

2. Go in and actually answer those questions on video.  And I'm not talking about eight or 10 different videos; just one video of short, concise answers, 30-40 seconds each, so you end up with a four to five minute video you can shoot with your iPhone and a simple lavalier mic.  

3. Upload the video to wherever you want to host it, typically YouTube or Vimeo, which are free.   

4.  Give the link to your CSRs, or if you are the CSR, use the link to the video in all of your reply emails and all of your quotes you send out daily.  

Now that you’re all set with your 80% video, sit back and watch your conversion rates start to increase in your sales process. But remember, this will only happen if you implement it into your follow up process with your sales team and CSRs.

Got questions? Send me an email to [email protected]

Bill Faeth is the founder of Limo University (, Inbound Marketing Agents (, and 23 additional startups, including Silver Oak Transportation of Nashville, Tenn. As a successful former operator and active advocate for the industry, Bill continues to invest into educating and training operators on how to grow, manage and sustain a more profitable business. You can reach Bill at [email protected] For more columns and blog posts by Bill Faeth, click here.

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  • john michael

     | about 2 years ago

    You are the man! Great idea and super simple, well written.Have you done this before? LOL

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