Some Last Minute Packing For ILCT Show 2018

Jim Luff
Posted on March 6, 2018
LCT is ready for you (LCT file photo)

LCT is ready for you (LCT file photo)

Are you ready for 2018 International LCT Show? No matter how hard I try to think of everything I might need, it always seems like I forget something. Nothing could be worse than the time I left my toiletries on the bathroom counter at home.

As you plan your trip, make sure you take plenty of business cards. I’m talking about a whole box or at least 200 cards. They are used for dropping into fishbowls to win something or for introducing yourself. They are used for exchanging with 99 people in the B4 Business Networking session, which as of now is sold out with 100 people attending. Don’t forget a Sharpie pen so you can write on those glossy cards.

Our electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets are pushed to their limits at shows. There is so much to see on the exhibit floor, so many people to take selfies with, and even taking photos of someone’s badge so you remember him or her. Having a portable power bank is a must! They now cost as little as $1. But remember, you get what you pay for. A nice one will be about $30 at Target, Walmart, or Walgreens and should be capable of charging multiple devices at least a few times before it needs a recharge.

Don’t forget comfortable shoes! As in most casino hotels, it's quite the walk from the rooms to the convention floor and everywhere else you'll want to go. You’re not in a fashion show, so be practical. Wear comfortable walking shoes as you stroll the largest limo showroom in the entire world. There is a lot of walking in Las Vegas, not only at the convention, but around the city as well. I bought a pair of Dr. Scholl’s foot inserts and believe me, “I’m gel’ing” just like the commercial says.  

Ditch the notepads! Instead, use your smartphone to record the sessions you attend. You can play them back later and be crystal clear on all the points made in the session and apply them in your business when you get home.

A few personal necessity items you should bring are hand sanitizer and breath mints. You will talk with a lot of people and shake hands with them. Using the mints is just polite, and sanitizing between handshakes will help prevent spreading germs. I always pack a few large bottles of water in my bag for my hotel room. This will save you money and make sure you don’t have to dart down to the vending machine in the middle of the night. Bring some Shout Wipes too in case you spill on yourself. Your clothes won’t be ruined because you can’t get to the washing machine in a timely manner.

You might want to consider taking a fabric bag like a gym bag for all the swag you score at the show. More than once I have been unable to close my suitcase with all my new swag. You can carry it on the plane or simply pay the $25 baggage fee if the items inside are worth it. Speaking of swag, the best time to fill your bag is Wednesday afternoon. The exhibitors have to ship back anything left behind. If they have a stack of baseball hats and you want five of them, just ask. You will likely be doing them a favor by taking them.

The entire LCT team is looking forward to meeting you and hearing your story. Hopefully, your story will end up in the pages of our magazine or on our website. We don’t know your story if you don’t share it with us. You can find us at the First Timer’s Orientation, our LCT booth, and any networking event.

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