How To Carry Over More Customers Into 2018

Jim Luff
Posted on December 13, 2017

We are now well into the holiday season and rapidly approaching the arrival of 2018. Hopefully you are having a great holiday season on both a professional and personal level.

The holidays present increased opportunities for new business and the return of many clients who have annual traditions that include holiday light tours, annual house parties, company parties, and even trips to grandma's house.

These annual traditions are an opportunity to foster new business in 2018. Why not consider providing some coupons to clients during their holiday rides that would be valid in 2018 and make them start planning early for days such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, and even holiday light tours in 2018? They say the early bird gets the worm. Having reservations on your books six months in advance is an asset to your company, so why not try to gain their business now? Maybe consider a coupon that offers 10% off any ride so the client can choose their birthday,  anniversary, or other special date in 2018.

Remember, TNCs are not doing light tours. They are not providing shuttle services. They can't compete with us in the arena of party buses. This is our time to shine. While I am no longer working as an operator, I still keep in touch with my office staff, and I was pleased to learn at least three major oil companies have chartered several sedans for their holiday parties to drive people home as needed. This means a few things: The most important is the fact they want their employees to get home safely from parties without fear of being raped, killed, or otherwise assaulted. It means they don't want to wait even five minutes for a ride. They want the ride on premises with a professional chauffeur and ready to go on a moments notice.

In what I expect to be my final blog of 2017, I want to say it has been a great year for us at LCT. I will begin my 14th year with the magazine next month. Our assistant editor Lexi Tucker was 10-years old when I started. I mention this because I am thrilled to work with such a very talented young writer as well as serving as her mentor. Together, along with editor Martin Romjue, we have grown to become a cohesive team which is the best team I have ever worked with. I am honored to be a part of the magazine and share my 27-years of knowledge with you.  This will also be my very final blog for Limousine Charter and Tour Magazine (LCT) as we know it today. Look for our new name in January. Happy holidays and may you prosper in 2018.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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