Why You Should Be Coming To LCT-NLA Show East

Jim Luff
Posted on October 2, 2017

As a small operator, attending industry trade shows was extremely difficult for me. It wasn’t only the money. It was the logistics of running my business from a hotel using a cell phone. In 1994, my cell phone plan offered 60 minutes for $60.

However, I knew if we were going to grow our business, being at the shows was vitally important to meeting affiliate managers, getting an education, and having access to the newest and best products. Attending the shows let us catch the “Wave of Success.”

By attending the shows, I learned Create-A-Card had specialty business cards for the industry. I watched a demo of FASTTRAK and implemented it immediately. I learned about the value of being an NLA member and knowing the people in the NLA office who are the greatest industry resources on the planet. I was able to evaluate numerous vehicles and purchase what I felt was best for us.

As for attending LCT-NLA Show East on Nov. 5-7, I quickly learned how many East Coast companies farm work out to the West Coast. Living in a city with regional headquarters for companies like Chevron, Frito-Lay, Nestle, Sunkist, NASA, Shell, and many others, I needed to be well connected to companies like BostonCoach, Empire (now EmpireCLS), Commonwealth Worldwide, FlyteTyme Worldwide (now Addison Lee), and Gem Limousine to earn their trust and ultimately earn farm-in work. I successfully accomplished getting on board with all of them.

LCT East has opportunities to learn, exchange ideas, network, participate in roundtable discussions and think tanks, and much more. Take advantage of classes and learning the best practices for dispatching, taking reservations, chauffeur training, and even how to market your company to affiliate managers. You can test drive new vehicles and learn how to write a compelling email. There isn’t enough room here for me to share every opportunity to be had at LCT East.

We have added some fresh new faces presenting fresh ideas. Look for Jami Crouch, Briana Candeub, and Joe Gulino to lead Employee Training Sessions. You can also learn from longtime industry veterans like Bill Faeth, Laura Canady, Jason Kaplan, and Diane Forgy. Join Billy The Coach at the Breakfast of Champions. Billy will motivate you like you have never been motivated before. This presentation alone is worth the price of your show pass. The keynote presenter is Ronn Torossian, who will teach you how to set your company apart in the lucrative private aviation industry.

I know you have things to do, so I will wrap this up by encouraging you to attend my session, Networking B4 Business. It’s a first day event and I guarantee you will leave the room with at least 50 new friends and business associates. Did I mention swag?  Load that swag bag up because there are tons of free giveaways to take back to your staff along with motivation, education, and take-home materials you will put into play as soon as you get home.


Now is the time to ride the Wave of Success!  Register by clicking HERE.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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