How To Survive The Road Warrior Routine

Billy Sheehan
Posted on September 29, 2017
Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary stress while traveling (Creative Commons photo by quinntheislander via

Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary stress while traveling (Creative Commons photo by quinntheislander via

In keeping with our series and the value of planning and preparation, today we’ll focus of the evolving game of road warrior survival.

As much as technology has enabled 24/7 global communications, face-to-face meetings remain the most effective means of building relationships and closing business. Emails and video-conferencing are good for mining opportunities, but handshakes still seal the deal.

This enduring reality of business was true in colonial times; it survived the industrial revolution; it persevered through the birth of the digital age; and it shows no sign of decline as we forge through the opening quarter of the 21st Century.

So it might serve us well to tune up our skills of road warrior survival. After all, in this age of global transactions, Dubai is just as likely as Detroit to show up on your travel itinerary. And as the old saying goes, “This ain’t your granddad’s road trip.”

Schedule as far in advance as possible: The sooner you can get your head around your travel schedule, the sooner you can optimize balancing travel with equally demanding responsibilities. Although scheduling far in advance invites a greater tendency for plans to change, a revised schedule is always preferable to making one up on the fly.

Technology is both a blessing and a curse: We rely on it heavily for increasing productivity which is a good thing. But we realize how over-reliant on it we’ve become when we’re dangling over the hotel fire escape because that’s the only place you can get cell reception. Despite today’s technology advances, returning a client’s call or circling back to the office remains a challenge. In some cases, you may as well be on the moon. Whenever possible, eliminate the element of surprise by doing some homework on the limitations of your carrier, network, and hardware, especially with international travel. It’s better to do it up front than it is to learn the hard way on the road.

Communicate effectively with clients, co-workers, and family in advance of your departure. With so much packed into today’s busy schedules, it’s easy to overlook an important date or commitment while you’re hopping among airports and countries. Nothing brings on the guilt of, “Wow I suck as a human being,” like forgetting to ask about the results of your wife’s doctor’s appointment because your pace just buried your principles. A tighter attention to detail prior to travel can prevent that “Honey, I’m home!” moment from being the toughest part of the entire trip.

Always have a Plan B because sooner or later with travel, Plan B is going to be all you’ve got. You get the flu. Your flight is cancelled. No hotel reservation. You lose your wallet. Your luggage is lost. Your new client prefers Coke….of course I meant cola! There’s a reason why they say “You can’t make this s--- up.” Because you can’t make this s--- up. Have a Plan B so when the unexpected becomes the unavoidable, you’ll have a better chance of escaping the inevitable jam.

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