How To Sell Your “Once Upon A Time…”

Lexi Tucker
Posted on January 4, 2017

A good story can build an empire; just ask Disney. (Photo via Pixabay user ErikAggie)

A good story can build an empire; just ask Disney. (Photo via Pixabay user ErikAggie)

I may be a young adult, but I’m still a sucker for animated films. Any time Disney, Pixar, or DreamWorks comes out with something new, I’ll be the first in line and will likely sing the songs from the movie on the way back home from the theater. I doubt I’m alone in this, even among older adults. Why? Because whether or not the films are aimed at families with young children is irrelevant — everyone loves a well-told story.

Unfortunately, Lyft has picked up on this and used it to their advantage. In a new short by Academy Award-winner John Kahrs (you might be familiar with his previous work “Paperman”) titled “June: Life is Better When You Share the Ride,”  it’s clear the TNC understands to win a potential customer or driver’s mind, you first have to capture their heart.

If you’re reading this at work or don’t have the time to sit back with a bag of popcorn, let me break it down for you. The story follows a little old lady named June who loses her older vehicle when a cement truck comes barreling into it while she’s getting her hair done. After her daughter orders her a Lyft to help her get around town, June uses the money she receives from the insurance company to purchase a newer car and signs up to become a driver. Over the next few minutes, we see her pick up a cast of unique citizens all looking for rides to various appointments who give her stellar reviews via the app.

Just look at how popular these guys have become! I know you can tell a better story. (Photo via Pixabay user stevepb)

Just look at how popular these guys have become! I know you can tell a better story. (Photo via Pixabay user stevepb)

One night, June must brave an intense snowstorm. After skidding off the road and losing her phone in the snow when she gets out to look for help, we see a previous passenger is waiting in a café full of other familiar characters for her to pick him up. Noticing she’s been in the same location for quite some time, he calls upon the other patrons to go out and help look for her. In the end, they find her and help get her car back on the road.

Finally, the film ends with a black screen that reads, “Inspired by the drivers and passengers who have made Lyft part of their story.”

Warm and fuzzy feelings aside, this was a BRILLIANT marketing move on Lyft’s part. Forbes writer Will Burns says it best: “The film gives Lyft a vibe of human connectivity, hope, joy, and a large pinch of ‘we're all in this together.’ In the polarized world we currently live in, it's a vibe that feels like a warm bath on a cold night.”

My question to you is this: Why should anyone use you over a TNC? What makes you special, unique, different, HUMAN? What makes your chauffeurs who they are? Everyone has a backstory, as evidenced by June’s fictional account. Why not start a blog where you interview those who make your company what it is?

After all, everyone loves a good story.

For more insight into telling your story, read this article on how to sell limo service to the Millennial business travel sector and LCT Editor Martin Romjue’s column on why every seat has a story.

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  • Carol DePrey

     | about 3 years ago

    Great article. Great insight on marketing through the heart !!!

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