Side Gigs Aren’t Just For TNCs

Lexi Tucker
Posted on September 30, 2016

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I would argue the number one stereotype of Millennials is we are lazy. Most of us still live with our parents and are often told we need to get a job and a life. Well, according to a new survey by CareerBuilder, a vast number of us don’t just have a job…we have two.

Forbes’ analysis of the data states: “Overall, 29% of workers have a second job, but Millennials far outpace other age groups. 39% of workers ages 18-24 and 44% of workers ages 25-34 reported earning extra cash on the side. In comparison, 29% of workers ages 35-44 and 22% of those ages 45-52 are hustling with a side gig, according to the survey of about 3,200 full-time workers in the private sector across all industries and company sizes. 19% of those ages 55 and older are also working a second job.”

I can attest to the accuracy of these findings. I, too, work a second job as an English tutor to help pay off my student loan debt and live with my mom to save money. Many of my friends who have recently graduated work more than one job as well.

This is where you can be the solution to your recruitment problem. While some Millennials may not be mature enough to be chauffeurs, they certainly can answer phones and help in the department of customer service.

Many younger graduates make money on the side by working retail or at higher-end restaurants on weekends. The survey backs this up and reveals respondents working in leisure, hospitality and retail are mostly likely to take on second jobs. That’s good news for you — it means they already know how to handle clients properly and are likely familiar with your industry or one that’s similar.

If you need to fill a part-time position, make copious use of online job boards like indeed and LinkedIn. Most younger people looking for extra employment tend to peruse those sites. Make sure your job description is engaging and would attract a younger applicant. Let them know although it’s part-time, they’ll be working for a company that values their employees as much as their customers.

Millennials offer plenty of positive traits that would benefit your operations: We’re eager to please, tech-savvy, and social. We also welcome feedback and have a constant desire to improve ourselves. In fact, we are actually the opposite of lazy; you just have to give us the chance to prove it.

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