Avoid Trouble By Tracking DOT Rule Changes

Jim Luff
Posted on September 28, 2016

DOT laws are constantly changing. Frequently, I would have to go and look up the current rules. Here is a 2016 refresher on hours of service for commercial drivers as well as medical card information. Drivers must carry a current DOT physical examination card.

Drivers must maintain a log book if they travel more outside a 100 air-mile radius from their base of operations OR cross any state line regardless of how far away from the base of operation.

Some states require drivers of students of grade 12 or under to get a special permit. DOT regulation 395.10 restricts a driver’s driving time. It has three parts:

10-Hour Rule: The bus operator cannot drive more than 10 hours following eight consecutive hours off duty (except in emergencies)
15-Hour Rule: After 15 hours on-duty (driving and non-driving tasks), an operator cannot continue driving until eight consecutive hours of off-duty time is taken.
70-Hour Rule: On-duty time cannot exceed 70 hours for any period of eight consecutive days.

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