Wearing Three Industry Hats -- But Never At Once

Jim Luff
Posted on May 31, 2016

As I have settled into my new, post-retirement lift, I have learned my three hats have caused some confusion about what exactly I am doing since I left the helm of Limousine Scene in Bakersfield, Calif.

I am wearing three different hats. The first and primary position is serving as the Marketing Manager of Chosen Payments. I spend my days traveling to association meetings, creating marketing videos, negotiating trade show participation outside of the limousine industry, and promoting the services offered by Chosen Payments and Chosen Technology Group.

While I am attending these meetings, I am never taking notes or reporting for LCT Magazine. That has never been my beat. I have always written feature stories centered on marketing and operations and maintained a weekly blog. With 23 years of experience in running and promoting a ground transportation company, I consider myself to be a valuable asset to the industry. You will never see me write a story about credit card processing or anything involving Chosen Payments, so there is no crossover of my duties.

I also work for Driving Results, a company that manages “focus groups” such as Spinning Wheels. These groups of owners and managers seek to increase their sales, improve their operations and knowledge by sharing information and learning through presentations and site visits to other ground transportation companies. When I am teaching these classes, I do not try to land every member as a Chosen Payments client or even promote Chosen Payments since that is not the hat I am wearing during these sessions which happen four times a year at destination cities nationwide.

Finally, I am a contributing editor for LCT Magazine, a position I have held beginning in 2005. I contribute feature articles that help operators manage their businesses and improve sales and operations. You won’t find me promoting any organization or company. Rather, you will find me dishing up my experiences, my observations, and my expertise on everything from writing your own employee handbook to determining the exact cost of a trip. You can’t really get this information from anyone who has not actually done it before.

I hope this clears up any confusion. I work for one company at a time. I never blend the three together and I never use one to promote the other. I love my new life. I enjoyed the years running the company, but I love sharing the experiences learned over the years with people entering the business.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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