Who Says You Need An Advertising Agency?

Jim Luff
Posted on March 22, 2016

As I am settling in to my new position as business development and marketing manager for Chosen Payments, I am transitioning from promoting a local limousine service to promoting a national company throughout an entire nation.

It has made me realize how easy it is for small operators to take command of their own marketing without the use of an advertising agency or even using traditional media such as radio and television commercials.

Let’s face it, we record our shows and play them at our convenience and fast-forward right through the commercials. We create our own mix of music to plug into our USB port in our car and we are not bothered with silly commercials. That leaves the internet and for the most part, the Internet is free to use and society is firmly attached to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat and even scandalous apps like Ashley Madison and Tinder. Makes it pretty obvious where you need to be. Right?

Every tool you need to promote your business is a click away. There is no need to pay an agency to design your logo. For five bucks you can have a logo designed. You can use social media for free. You can buys lists of email addresses specifically targeted to people who use ground transportation services. Everything is on the Internet except artistic skills and again, for another $5, your ad can be professionally designed.

If you are somewhat artistic and familiar with Microsoft Paint, you can design your own ads and put them up on your own social media page for free. You can also participate in sites such as Yelp where for a small fee you can make your ad pop up in a competitor’s page.

For instance, let’s say that you have an ad on Yelp under the name ABC Limo. When someone does a Yelp search for XYZ Limo, your ad will pop up on the page as a “sponsored ad”. Not so good for XYZ Limo but awesome for you.

Here are a few tips for creating your own ads:

#1 – Explain to your audience exactly what services you provide
#2 – Explain to them why they should use your service
#3 – Explain how they can contact you

About your audience:
#1 – Determine who it is. Retail or corporate. A mix of both?
#2 – Male or female? What is the average age of your passenger?

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Jim Luff General Manager
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