How I Took 92,426 Steps to Success

Jim Luff
Posted on March 9, 2016

After all that walking, I needed to just roll with it for a while, as I offered Wendy Kleefisch of Brevard Executive Limousine in Indialantic, Fla., a wild ride.

After all that walking, I needed to just roll with it for a while, as I offered Wendy Kleefisch of Brevard Executive Limousine in Indialantic, Fla., a wild ride.

My aching feet, calves and ankles are almost fully healed from the miles and miles I trekked at the International LCT Show last week. Between walking to and from my hotel room, around the massive exhibit hall and through the halls of classes, I took 92,426 steps, according to my Fit Bit. That’s about 47 miles of walking! No wonder I was sore.

Was it worth it? You bet! I ended up with a new job on the very first day of the pre-Show activities. You have probably read by now that I retired from the day-to-day grind of operating a limousine company at the end of January. I wasn’t ready to be put out to pasture yet, and vowed to remain connected to the industry writing feature stories for LCT Magazine.

I am now also going to be serving as the marketing manager for Chosen Payments and its sister company, Chosen Technology Group. I’m excited about working for Chosen because of its commitment to the industry and the opportunity to share the services offered by Chosen for telephone systems, gift card programs and, of course, credit card processing. If you’re not a “Chosen One” yet, hit me up!

Now back to the Show. While I am no longer actively involved in day-to-day operations of a limousine company, I attended the last session of the conference: Social Media – Tips & Tricks and found it to be fascinating for anyone using social media. It was just one of the classes I attended at a trade show packed with educational content and opportunity.

The Vendors In Alliance panel was another great part of the Show. I served as a moderator for a panel of experts on everything from reservations software to call centers and marketing to credit card processing. This was an opportunity for anyone to ask any question about operating a ground transportation company. It’s kind of a one-stop shop for advice. If something had existed like this when we were building our company, it would have saved me so much time and effort.

I also could talk about eye candy for days. No, I am not talking about attractive women. I am talking about the lounge in Mandalay Bay known as, “Eye Candy.” No matter where limo operators meet, there is always a central hotel bar where operators, vendors and show staff meet at the end of the day to swap stories, forge new friendships and share comraderies. Eye Candy was the perfect place to mingle.

I collected so many business cards, so much educational material and information that it will take me two weeks to process it all and put it to practical use. I am thankful for the opportunity to have participated in such a great Show.

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