Off The Operator Merry-Go-Round But Still Got Limo Blood

Jim Luff
Posted on January 13, 2016

One of the many benefits for Jim Luff of being a limo operator is getting to start the party on a wine tour.

One of the many benefits for Jim Luff of being a limo operator is getting to start the party on a wine tour.

I have decided to retire from the daily grind of running a passenger transportation company. I'm not really going anywhere though.

The past 25-years have been a fantastic ride. Literally, a fantastic ride. I have had the opportunity to drive and have conversations with legends such as Bob Hope, Elton John, Jay Leno and Bill Cosby. I'm not sure the latter is worthy of mention anymore. I have watched The Eagles, Cher and Fleetwood Mac from the back of the stage or sitting on the steps leading up to the stage where Wynonna Judd gave me a wink before inviting the maid of honor from my wedding to step on stage with her and perform a duet. Yeah, I made that happen! My wife and I drove on tour with her, and by the time we arrived at our hometown, we were "friends".

For a kid growing up in the tiny town of Indio, California, I think I did good. I joined Limousine Scene in 1993 after serving as a private chauffeur starting in 1990. The company had three limos. Today, we have limos, buses, vans, sedans, wheelchair lift vans and the last employee hired was employee No. 167. I have been blessed to become a partner in such a great organization.

While I am leaving the daily grind, I will remain financially invested for a few years. I will continue working with LCT Magazine as contributing editor and consultant, and my weekly blog will continue as this business is in my blood and I am way too young to retire. Surprisingly, we have selected a part-time dispatcher to take the reins. It may seem like an odd choice but it was done based on merit and she will be surrounded by an awesome admin team.

I would love to work for another limo company without the responsibility of actually running the company. I have excellent communications skills and obviously know the industry well, so if you think I might fit into your operation, please let me know as I am not ready to be put out to pasture yet.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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  • anthony

     | about 5 years ago

    We are all going to miss the overheating shop talk and all the topics you posted on the lctmag. Its a 24hr job and if you have finally thrown thenhat in, enjoy your retirement and dont look back :)

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