Warnings To Heed If Your Fleet Vehicles Are Ticketed

Jim Luff
Posted on September 16, 2015

Recently an operator posed a question in a private limo forum asking who should pay for a parking ticket received by a chauffeur. It came right on the heels of one of my own chauffeurs receiving a parking ticket. The question as posed was more along the lines of who pays for a ticket of any kind.

The answer was a resounding and unanimous agreement that the chauffeur should pay for any ticket he receives. I have always felt the same. I didn't make a decision to speed. I didn't make a decision to park the car in a no parking zone. He who earned the ticket should pay for the ticket.

Here's where a parking ticket gets sticky. Parking tickets go with the vehicle. This means if your chauffeur doesn't pony up the funds to pay, you can't renew the tags on the car until they are paid. You might be inclined to simply pay it out of company funds and deduct it from the chauffeur's pay. Not so fast! One operator did that and found himself in labor court for the unauthorized deduction.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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  • anthony

     | about 5 years ago

    Many years ago a drunk client smashed the front window of a vehicle... i wanted to stay and call the cops etc. .. the owner told me to go to my night job and later that week charged me for tbe replacent of the window....... Another time i extended the 6 hr job to 9 hrs and got a ticket in the mail... i was in the vehicle the whole time snd no traffic cop ever stopped to issue citation.... Owner took funds from my pay even though i protested and told him i got 350.00 more from clients for extra time. One day i will reveal this wonderfull operator

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