Back To School Time Means Driver Discipline

Jim Luff
Posted on August 12, 2015
Kids across America will return to school in the next few weeks. This should create a heightened awareness of driving in school zones, bus stops and residential zones at times kids may be coming and going to school.

There has been an ongoing debate about whether signs posted in school zones that limit your speed to 25 mph "when children are present" means if kids are in school session or visible to drivers.

For the sake of safety, let's just make it a practice to drive at 25 mph anytime you are driving in a school zone and expect that a child will dart out into your path at any moment. Better safe than sorry.

Don't forget that you must stop for flashing red lights on a school bus that is actively loading or discharging passengers. You can help keep kids safe by driving safely.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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