Fast 40 Captured The East Show Flow

Tim Crowley
Posted on November 6, 2014

This post-show wrap-up is a bit overdue, but as anyone accustomed to business travel and being away from the office, the days back from a big show can be just as busy as a show itself. This year was my second year at LCT-NLA Show East, and with each passing show I am seeing the limo industry come together and focus its message.

This is especially true when it comes to TNCs. Each geographic association has made real efforts to raise awareness in their communities about the dangers of TNC operations, and continue to make their voices heard by regulators.

The Fast40 Mixer saw new industry professionals address the concerns of generational shifts in business, and how Millennials, Gen-X, Boomers, and beyond are working together to come up with real solutions to industry problems.

The vehicles looked great, with the latest SUVs, sedans, and bus models shining on the show floor, with business deals made from the well-crafted luxury interiors. 

The shows are always great opportunities to network and learn valuable business insights from very successful leaders. Each session speaker always has a few key words of advice that resonate with you long after the show is over, and the connections with business owners around the world are quickly logged into Linkedin, or Facebook, or any other social media.

Thanks to everyone that came to the Show and special thanks to the speakers at the Fast 40 mixer. Great job and looking forward to seeing everyone again at International LCT in Vegas.

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