Latest Numbers Show Dramatic Uber Gains In NYC

Martin Romjue
Posted on June 11, 2014

I got a sobering reminder today of just how fast Uber has spread, and its potential to erode ground transportation service because of unfair regulatory advantages.

As of today, Uber has a total of 7,105 vehicles registered in New York City, more than 34% of all NYC black car and luxury base vehicles, which total 20,897. Uber has increased from 300 to 700 vehicles per month in NYC during the last six months. A breakdown:

Black Car Bases
Base # 2598 Hinter: 2,443 units
Base # 2617 Weiter: 1,816 units
Base # 2682 Schmecken: 2,163 units

Total: 6,422 of 14,771 total black car vehicles

Luxury Base
Base # 2512 Unter: 683 units (of 6,126 total luxury vehicles)

These numbers come as Uber protests and strikes sweep across major European cities today.

One longtime industry source in New York City tells me that the Uber drivers are being pulled from the ranks of black car chauffeurs. While the luxury limousine companies have lost minor volume compared to the black car services, they are having a harder time getting qualified chauffeurs to work for them. And if black car and taxicab services are shrinking, the luxury limousine segment is not immune.

The blame for these disparities mostly belongs with local and state governments that resist sensible deregulation solutions, cling to their distorted revenue streams via taxes and licensing fees, generally fail to to accurately understand new technologies, and lag behind enforcement needs. Taxis, limos, black cars and TNCs deserve a fair regulatory playing field based on consistent rules and enforcement. If government can't do that, then it needs to get out of the way. Meanwhile, the taxi and limo industries should fight the unfairness with every available legal, legislative, civil justice, and free speech tools available.

-- Martin Romjue, LCT editor

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Martin Romjue Editor
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  • NoNamesPlease

     | about 6 years ago

    Continuation of previous post.... Can't you make the financial advantage case for driving for you vs Uber? What advantages can you offer that Uber never can or never will. And come up with a loyalty program for your drivers that will keep them with you and not Uber. Remember they are backed by greedy VC's. While it may seem that they have more money than God, they are actually operating on very thin margins and have a big iron anvil hanging over their heads in terms of ROI on the VC money. Time is actually on your side and you should use this to your advantage. Delay, delay delay at the regulator level. Sue everyone that comes anywhere near you. And don't think this is just about taxis and limos. Start talking to anyone in the logistics industry - that's shipping (FedEx, UPS and freight companies), trucking companies, delivery services. Uber is going after them too. You have more allies than you thought. Now get to work and save your business and your industry!!!

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