LCT Show East Displays Industry Passion and Commitment

Tim Crowley
Posted on November 6, 2013

The LCT Show East was my first real industry trade show since I started with LCT Magazine in May. One of the things that struck me the most was the passion that almost everyone in the industry has for their jobs, and also in the way everyone shares information to help others succeed.

The first panel that I attended was a “Think Tank: Ask the Experts” session, featuring Michael Campbell of Grace Limousine, George Jacobs of Windy City Limousine, and Erich Reindl, of Avanti International. These were three of the most successful limo operators in the industry, and they fielded questions from operators on every end of the business spectrum, from the former special forces soldier Jeremy Brown, who has a single car operation and is just starting out in Florida, to the husband and wife operation who were at the end of their operating days and looking for advice on how to value and sell their company.


There is a collaborative nature to the limo industry. To completely serve clients who travel to other cities, operators must network with each other for affiliate work. And the success of a fellow operator often times means success for everyone who they partner with. There is always going to be a competitive nature to business, but at LCT East, the highlight was the collaborative spirit to strengthen and better the industry as a whole.


The Mobile On-Demand Technology session, hosted by LCT publisher Sara Eastwood-McLean, Deem Ground’s Amy Harris, Groundwidgets’ Apurva Patel, and Sedan Magic’s Chris McCrae, saw the industry tackling head-on the changing landscape of how clients book and manage trips I felt that in each of these seminars, the primary concern was the viability of operators to continue to succeed in their profession, and the audience was an active participant to make sure points were made clear. Issues were addressed thoroughly so that attendees had some great practical take-home knowledge when they left.


I was impressed with the vendors at the show floor, too.Of course each was eager to showcase their new products to potential buyers, but after talking with all of them, you really could feel how strongly they believed in their company and how they could help business in the industry.


It was a great show for the industry overall, and I was glad to have been a part of it.


— Tim Crowley, LCT senior editor

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