Dash Cam Video of Chauffeur Arrest Raises Questions

Tim Crowley
Posted on May 29, 2013


In a special investigation report by Kurtis Ming of Sacramento’s CBS 13 News, a chauffeur for local operator Starlite Limousine is shown being arrested for driving a full capacity limousine under a suspended license. In the segment, the chauffeur can be heard acknowledging that he knew he was driving under suspended license, and that he was aware a warrant was out for his arrest and that he would be going to jail. The stranded passengers had to be informed by the officer that the chauffeur was being arrested and taken to jail.

It’s reported that the driver has been driving illegally since 2010, when his license was last suspended / revoked. This makes me wonder for how long the chauffeur was employed by Starlite Limousine. If he was hired after 2010, then it seems inexcusable that a background check was not done that showed that his license had been suspended / revoked.

And if he was hired earlier, it would seem that the operator would have to have in place a policy where chauffeurs either must disclose any serious driving infractions to their employer, or the operator would schedule routine background checks to make sure their chauffeurs remained in good standing with the DMV.

In light of the tragic accidents that have occurred recently, I’d figure that operators would be doing everything they could to make sure their vehicles are being driven by chauffeurs with excellent driving records. All it takes is one accident to happen and this operator could be liable for negligence and even worse consequences.

What are your thoughts on this? How do you as a limo operator keep tabs on chauffeurs’ driving records and legal standing?

     — Tim Crowley, LCT senior editor

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