New LCT East Coast Editor Survives First ILCT Show

Denis Wilson
Posted on February 13, 2013

Last week I attended the 2013 International LCT Show in Las Vegas. It was my first experience with limousine industry and the many people that make it tick. To say that I dove into the industry head-first is an understatement. As a fellow attendee put it, it was “a baptism by fire.”

This week is my first week in the Marlton, N.J. office. Now that I’ve had a chance to come up for air, Martin suggested I share my first impressions and lessons learned. Because I admittedly still know little but learning a lot, I’ll keep my thoughts short and sweet.

Business is Business
Not just that, but it’s apparent that good business begets good business. From attending the LCT show seminars, keynotes and NLA meetings, I learned that as each operator adopts responsible, transparent business practices, it sheds a positive light and sense of credibility on the entire industry. That may sound rudimentary, but it’s still refreshing. And from a consumer’s POV, I know this has a trickle-down effect on the service you receive.

Entrepreneurship is Contagious
I’m not a practiced entrepreneur (not yet!) but I’ve written for an entrepreneurial audience for and am constantly reading about new and innovative startups. I admire the self-starter spirit and it was cool to see how much this is at play in the limo industry. Entrepreneurs are bound by a single notion: that they have — or think they have — the best solution to a problem. The race to discover the next problem and solution is a kick to observe. And just as in the tech industry, the company that provides the best — and the most seamless — user experience will win customers. Darwinism at its finest. I look forward to tracking how the limo industry evolves.

Nice People
I say this not to blow smoke up anyone’s tailpipe, but because I received a genuinely warm welcome from each person I met. And I met a lot of people, shook a lot of hands, copped a lot of business cards. If I forget your name next time I see you, please forgive me — I promise: second time’s a charm.

And Last But Not Least…
Good food and great wine. I could get used to this.

Denis Wilson
LCT East Coast Editor

[email protected]

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