What's Wrong With SFO?

LCT Magazine
Posted on May 17, 2010
TO CATCH A LIMO: Bureaucrats at the San Francisco International Airport seem hellbent on enforcing STRICT GREEN VEHICLE REGULATIONS, which will be the subject of a major GCLA TOWN HALL MEETING TUESDAY NIGHT. But, aren't there much more pressing things on the table, such as the ILLEGAL OPERATORS LURKING on airport property? Any SFO green vehicle policy will be rendered meaningless if illegal operators, who don't follow any rules anyway, keep accessing the airport. So let's get this straight: SFO wants to criminalize non-green vehicles used by LEGAL operators, but yet it and the California Public Utilities Commission so far cannot effectively crackdown on ILLEGAL ones who avoid licenses, insurance, and safety checks. Maybe a solution here would be that no green vehicle policies can be adopted at any airports until state and airport authorities meet measurable, defined goals in reducing illegal operator activity. -- M.R.

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