What’s In Your Show Take-A-Long Bag?

Jim Luff
Posted on March 19, 2019
Line up all your essentials before the big show coming up so you don't forget that one item. (Flickr.com image by Melanie Robertson)

Line up all your essentials before the big show coming up so you don't forget that one item. (Flickr.com image by Melanie Robertson)

The International LCT Show is almost here. Now is the time to start packing. Well, maybe not packing your clothes, but everything else you may need. We’ve given you a list of the most important stuff in the past.

Tammy Carlisle from Action Limousine in Atlanta recently posted her own poll in a Facebook group asking people what they like to bring with them. Some of the answers were quite whimsical, while others were actually quite practical and may not have been included in my previous lists. Moving to the top of the list of practical items to bring are Band-Aids. I meant to spell them out by brand name. Cheap bandage brands don’t work. After recently taking a tumble at a trade show (no alcohol was involved), I learn the important value of being able to bandage up both knees, an elbow, and a hand. So, yes, don’t forget to bring a mini First Aid kit.

Also, on the personal necessity items list are gum (Z-Best has it), hand sanitizer, ear plugs, lip balm (Chosen Payments has it), and a nail file. We aren’t really sure what list we should add hot sauce to, but hot sauce was mentioned in several comments. You can bring your own, or in case you forget, American Luxury Limousine of New Orleans always provides a bottle of Louisiana hot sauce in the swag bag. Claude Cristea of Williamsburg Chauffeur Service in Virginia said he only attends the Show for the hot sauce. Also in the food category, operator John Provenzano recommends MREs. As in, Meals Ready to Eat typically served to soldiers in combat. I will pass on that even if it is the chili and macaroni version. Real food is readily available 24/7 at Mandalay Bay.

Other practical items to pack include a wine cork screw, Emergen-C packets, and a cell phone battery pack. I second the recommendation of bringing Emergen-C, as you never know when someone is going to pass on a nasty virus to you by innocently shaking hands. Been there, done that. You might also add to that list Alka Seltzer, Pepto Bismol, Tums, Tylenol, and anything else in your medicine cabinet you rely on regularly. These things will cost you an arm and a leg in the hotel gift shop.

The most vital item you must bring are business cards for networking. You will need hundreds of cards just to drop into the bowls at virtually every booth on the show floor. Your card gives you an opportunity to win everything from a Lincoln logo jacket to lottery tickets. I would strongly encourage vendors to bring blank entry forms for people who inevitably run out of cards before the show ends or forget to bring them.

I have recently adopted a new way of packing for shows. Months before a trade show, I start filling a box with items such as those listed above. When packing, they are all in one place and ready to be put into my suitcase. This show promises to be the very best one LCT has ever produced. You will not want to miss it. Start packing today.

For additional items to consider taking to the show — click HERE.

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