What Our Insatiable App Driven NOW Society Means

Jim Luff
Posted on November 1, 2017
(Pexels.com photo by Mohi Syed)

(Pexels.com photo by Mohi Syed)

It's no wonder Uber and Lyft came along and hurt our industry by offering rides on-demand. Our society is racing at a pace never seen before in our lifetimes. McDonald's was one of the first fast food restaurants to debut in America. My first job as a teenager was manning the grill at the Golden Arches.

I could serve two full buses in 10 minutes without breaking a sweat. The standard in the drive-thru was 30-seconds from the time a car reached the window to when the driver paid for the food. The speed at McDonald's worked for years. I was stunned yesterday when I pulled into McDonald's and found two amazing things.

The first was parking spaces designated for pick-up of orders placed in advance using an app. Are you kidding me? Did fast food just get faster? I admit I was one of the first to start using the Starbucks app and order my overpriced coffee in advance. It is so cool to walk in and grab my drink off a little shelf and walk out. It's prepaid with my credit card on file (just like TNCs) and super convenient. That's what we all want right?  Convenience.

I don't even get out of my car at a Walmart anymore. I place a grocery order on my app, pull into a designated parking space, and Walmart staff loads my car up. Wait! Are we getting more convenience in our lives or are we becoming lazier as a society? I digress.  

I don't get out of my car at the dry cleaners either, and they too have my credit card on file, open the back door of my car, hang my clothes, and I am on my way. Don't even get me started on Amazon, my go to place for everything from paper towels to AA batteries and toothpaste. Even the car wash I use is 100% convenient. I don't get out of my car. I prepay on a monthly basis using a credit card on file that is billed each month. At the end of the car wash, my photo is taken with a fun background and I can retrieve the photo on my app along with special offers.

iCARS has the right idea, but it will take affiliates in every city to make themselves available on a moment’s notice to respond to app requests to become a viable option.  That's what society demands. They don't want to do advance planning anymore. They want to order their car service when they need it. They want the convenience of an app on their phone. They want a credit card on file with no fuss on their orders or payments.  

While I mention iCARS, there are many white label apps that can be customized for you or you can start from scratch and have a custom app made. While it is extremely rare for me to recommend or endorse products in one of my blogs, I suggest you consider joining iCARS simply because they are far ahead of the game in building an infrastructure. If you don’t jump on some bandwagon that allows you to deliver immediate and on-demand service, you will be left behind. The world is speeding along and you must keep up.

NOTE: I was not paid or asked to promote iCARS, nor have I had any recent conversation with them about this blog post. The opinion and endorsement are strictly my own based on industry observations.

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