Why LCT East Will Take Your Business To Higher Levels

Bill Faeth
Posted on September 25, 2017
A boot camp session at Limo U. A mini boot camp is coming to LCT-NLA Show East on Nov. 5 (photo courtesy of Limo U)

A boot camp session at Limo U. A mini boot camp is coming to LCT-NLA Show East on Nov. 5 (photo courtesy of Limo U)

To start off, I want to thank LCT for allowing me and my team at Limo University to contribute to this publication. We strive to continually educate players in the limousine industry about the variety of ways they can promote their businesses and sell their services.

With my experience in the ground transportation industry, combined with my team’s relevant marketing and sales skills, it has become our mission to educate and train members of this tremendous community. Our interactive seminars and online courses have been the main tools our clients have used to enhance their brand value, attract new customers, and retain current users.

“It’s a process you learn; it’s not any one product that is going to expire. It’s an education you can leverage for years to come.” -- Ken Carter, Owner, Aadvanced Limousine, Indianapolis

That’s why I am proud to introduce a game-changing opportunity to those attending the LCT-NLA Show East in Atlantic City on Sunday, Nov. 5.

For the first time ever, Limo U is hosting an in-depth 3 ½-hour Mini Boot Camp at LCT East. This Mini Boot Camp is FREE to all attendees. During this session, we will teach you how to:

  • Determine who you’re selling services to and why they need your solutions
  • Understand which marketing platforms will help you meet your sales objectives
  • Identify and teach sales and marketing tactics even large-scale operators overlook
  • Implement turn-key, immediately deployable “Done for You” campaigns

What do we mean by “Done for You?” Simple. These campaigns have been fully fleshed out -- from Facebook ad copy and targeting parameters, to landing page text and email automations. Personalize the information with your company-specific details - or don’t - it’s up to you! There are no rules.

“I had an expectation for what Limo U would provide in the first Boot Camp. Since I was blown away by the amount of value that came out of it, I wanted to be sure no one got my spot for the next one so I was first in line.” -- Ronnie Remedies, President, Shreveport Limousine

Are you ready to take your limousine company to the next level? Then you need to sign up for LCT East (if you haven’t yet) so you can take advantage of this one-time chance to experience Boot Camp at no cost at all to you.

Join the Limo University team and LCT in Atlantic City; you don’t want to miss this.

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Bill Faeth is the founder of Limo University (www.LimoGrowth.com), Inbound Marketing Agents (www.inboundmarketingagents.com), and 23 additional startups, including Silver Oak Transportation of Nashville, Tenn. As a successful former operator and active advocate for the industry, Bill continues to invest in educating and training operators on how to grow, manage, and sustain a more profitable business. You can reach Bill at [email protected]

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