Dealing With Weird And Bizarre Passenger Requests

Jim Luff
Posted on September 22, 2017

I read with amusement some recent posts about weird passenger requests. Sometimes people ask to be addressed by a certain name. Sometimes it is a request for a certain action. I have had passengers ask me to get hookers, drugs, non-sexual companions, along with the food requests, special beverages, and weird signboards. I’ve seen it all.

Reading a Facebook post from a passenger who asked to be called King David during his trip had absolutely no shock value to me. Another post that referenced a party of girls who wanted to be smacked on the booty every time they exited the limo raised an eyebrow, but still didn’t shock me.

I’ve been asked to come in and dance with a girl because all of her friends found someone to dance with but she had no one. I cannot confirm or deny my participation in this request since my wife reads my blog. I have had requests for Jelly Belly brand jelly beans to be in the vehicle at all times. I have been asked to have Constant Comment tea on hand for a passenger.

I had a passenger who requested I tell his new girlfriend I was his regular driver and we had traveled on hundreds of trips together although we just met. I have been asked to provide a companion to attend a dinner with a businessman just like the Pretty Woman movie, with no sex involved – that I know of.

I have been asked to drive a limo to the highest remote point above our city so a couple could do their thing while I sat up front feeling like I was on a bumpy road even though we were standing still. I’m sure many of you also have older female clients whose husbands have passed on and left them a chunk of change and they spend way too much time on the phone talking to you in loneliness while placing a reservation to go grocery shopping. You are probably wondering if we had to go in and help her shop. The answer is yes. At $80 an hour, I don’t feel that is an unreasonable request.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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