Billy The Coach: How To Plan And Prepare For Success

Billy Sheehan
Posted on August 29, 2017
Executive health strategist Billy The Coach at the LCT Leadership Summit in Miami Beach on May 22, 2017 (LCT photo)

Executive health strategist Billy The Coach at the LCT Leadership Summit in Miami Beach on May 22, 2017 (LCT photo)

Planning is a means to an end. If you are not crystal clear and specific as to what the “end” is, your plan is just a wish posing as a plan.

Legendary coach Vince Lombardi said, “The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win.”

So true. Winning is fun. Who doesn’t like winning? But preparing to win involves more than basking in the light of victory. Preparing to win can be lonely, repetitive, and unforgiving. Silent and unfamiliar. It can tax your determination and resolve.

Planning and preparation, like exercising and eating right, is hard. It takes time, effort, and commitment.

But the best decision of the day is to deal with it; to get over it. And keep an eye over your shoulder because the people who ARE dealing with it and who do get it are right behind you in the passing lane on the road to what might be possible. The road to what you could become.

About Billy The Coach:

Average outcomes come from average effort. Preferred outcomes come from planning and preparation. Preferred outcomes don’t happen because people want them. They happen because people WORK at them.

How vast the separation between those in command of their thinking and those at the mercy of it. Those in command of their thinking plan and prepare. Those at the mercy of their thinking are also planning but to their detriment, unaware or unaffected by their power of choice.

  • What is it you want bad enough to work for?
  • What is important enough to you that you will do whatever it takes to silence the voice of doubt that says you can’t make it happen?
  • What are you brave enough to claim for yourself?
  • What are you determined enough to never be without?
  • What choice do you make right now?
  • How could you prove to yourself today that a higher standard has been set by you?

Whatever your answers to those questions might be, such is the planning you set in motion.

Whatever the consequences that plan may invoke, such were the preparations you undertook.  

The critical first step to planning and preparation is to visualize in vivid detail exactly what the hell you want and exactly when the hell you intend to have it. The rest is all about momentum. Any eventual deviations in your plan are not evidence of failure, but opportunities to reaffirm your commitment that failure is not an option. It’s hard. Deal with it. Get over it. Forge ahead undeterred.

What is it you want? Say it out loud so you can hear it with your own ears. Write your goal down to get it out of the head where it was envisioned and into the light of day where it can grow and sustain.

Know the goal. Make a plan. Be prepared to regroup surge forward. And never, ever give up.

Billy The Coach's Plan & Prepare Video:

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