"Does No Smoking Mean Weed Too?"

Jim Luff
Posted on July 25, 2017
You can promote the pot on the outside, but not smoke it on the inside, according to a Nevada law. Bus in the main street of Kaitaia (Northland, New Zealand) (Wikimedia Commons Photo by Sids1)
You can promote the pot on the outside, but not smoke it on the inside, according to a Nevada law. Bus in the main street of Kaitaia (Northland, New Zealand) (Wikimedia Commons Photo by Sids1)

How I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that question. That was even before smoking pot became legal in California, my home state. With the growing number of states that have de-criminalized marijuana, the question probably will be raised more often.

Since entering the industry in 1990, people have asked about smoking weed in our vehicles. People also have lit up weed in our vehicles without asking. In the days of yesteryear, when the industry was dominated by 120-in. stretch limousines with moonroofs, people would light up and exhale out the moonroof thinking their chauffeurs would never know. Oh, we knew! That partition is merely a thin piece of cardboard wrapped in an upholstery fabric and the cab of the limo is not sealed off from the passenger compartment, so, yes, we know.

High roller clients didn’t even bother trying to hide it. They would just pay the fee associated with smoking and not bat an eye over the charge. There was probably no city in America where this was as prevalent as Sin City, the city that never sleeps and where the party never stops. They are the most recent city to legalize recreational toking. It seems people are now chartering party buses in Las Vegas intending to ride around and getting high. Not so fast!


No smoking still means no smoking. Potheads will say, “It doesn’t leave a lasting smell like cigarettes or cigars.” They will say, “It’s no different than cracking open a beer – it’s totally legal.” And, Clark County, the regulatory agency over marijuana sales and use in Las Vegas, is crystal clear in how they feel about it.

The law states "a person who smokes or otherwise consumes marijuana in a public place, in a retail marijuana store, or in a moving vehicle is guilty of a misdemeanor punished by a fine of not more than $600.” This law means, legally, you can’t even consume an edible in a moving vehicle.  
The county, along with the Nevada Transportation Authority and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, are enforcing these laws on the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding resort corridor. The Nevada Transportation Authority has stated it will take action against holders of Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity if it finds a business operating out of compliance.

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Jim Luff Contributing Editor
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  • Anthony

     | about 4 months ago

    The nevada transportation authority should have started enforcing laws years ago when guber came to that state

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