Did The Dent Fairy Come To Visit You?

Jim Luff
Posted on March 1, 2017

How do you picture the dent fairy? No one has ever seen her. (Pixabay.com Creative Commons image by DeeDee51)

How do you picture the dent fairy? No one has ever seen her. (Pixabay.com Creative Commons image by DeeDee51)

We all remember the tooth fairy slipping in under the cover of darkness and somehow managing to put some coins or dollars under your pillow in exchange for those baby teeth. As limo operators, we’ve found there is also a "dent fairy."

The dent fairy can visit day or night. No one ever sees the dent fairy. They only see the destruction left behind. The fairy can ding a door, or when violent, cave in a bumper.

The dent fairy is much like Santa Claus in that (she? he?) can be in many places from coast-to-coast at the same time. This scientific fact is based upon social media posts of damage done by the dent fairy. When you ask a chauffeur how a new dent occurred on the vehicle he drove yesterday, the answer is always going to be the same: "I dunno." No one ever knows. No one ever sees her. Only the damages she caused are visible. They appear as photos posted in Facebook groups, Instagram, SnapChat, and LinkedIn. By looking at the posting time and location, it's easy to see the dent fairy is constantly on the move from city to city and coming to your company soon.

I will use this space to again remind operators that as much as you would like to deduct the damage from an employee's next paycheck for that new dent, the gift from the dent fairy is yours to keep. To have and to hold. And, of course, it's yours to repair. It's the risk of being in business.

Employees are legally protected from any type of liability for the damage caused while working unless you can prove it was negligence. This means proving in a court of law the employee was negligent, and honestly, the cost of a lawsuit will be more than your deductible in most cases. Chalk up your losses and get it fixed. The dent fairy will be back to see you again soon...she's loyal like that.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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