My Unofficial International LCT Show Agenda

Jim Luff
Posted on February 15, 2017

Scene from the legendary Chosen Payments hospitality suite party during the International LCT Show, March 1, 2016 (photo courtesy of Jim Luff)

Scene from the legendary Chosen Payments hospitality suite party during the International LCT Show, March 1, 2016 (photo courtesy of Jim Luff)

The International LCT Show 2017 promises to be the limo show of a lifetime! Seriously, my lifetime of limo shows began in 1994 as I attended my first one ever. It was the era of satin logo jackets proudly adorned with limos and limo company logos, cliques, secret meetings, and private parties.

Today, this industry has come together in a major way. There are now so many events which have become a part of the show, but yet, they aren't technically part of it. They just happen to take place around the show. I'm sure the secret parties still exist, and quite frankly, I wouldn't go and miss attending the Chosen Payments Legendary Suite Party. (Disclosure: I also work for Chosen Payments).

It is indeed a private, invitation only party, but I could probably score you some tickets if you needed them. There will be many other parties as various affiliate groups will have private meet-ups in lounges, suites, and meeting rooms. If you're not invited, don't feel bad. There's more!

Sunday morning begins with a golf tournament benefiting the Harold Berkman Memorial Fund. For you newer operators,  Berkman was the founder of Music Express who for years ruled the Hollywood scene and was one of the original first limo companies in the Los Angeles area. If golf isn't your thing, there's more.

On Tuesday, people from the Facebook private group "LIMO" will have their own place to meet face to face in a meeting room. Again, that's an unofficial meeting but anyone can attend. Your's truly will be there playing host. There's more!

Wait until after the show to take a scenic Harley ride for a good cause. Driving For Change will hold its annual Limo Patriot Ride. Harleys are available for rent and proceeds benefit the Semper Fi Fund. Not an official part of the show, but still an option when you are not ready to sing Kumbayah just yet at the end of the show.

Yes, there is much more, but I am out of space. There's the NLA Fundraiser at the famed Lagasse Stadium, Bill Faeth has something going on with Limo University, and you can almost bank the Driving Results groups will have their own meet up. (Disclosure: I consult for Driving Results). Remember, these are all unofficial events so ya didn't hear it from me.

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