Do You Know The 8 Major Commercial Driver Errors?

Jim Luff
Posted on December 14, 2016

Image from State Farm via (Creative Commons license)
You would be surprised how often we forget.

  1. Failure to buckle up! Results in ejections during an accident often resulting in death of the driver.
  2. Driving too fast for conditions: This can include weather, traffic, construction, and other factors that affect the roadway.
  3. Unfamiliar routes: Take the time to check a map before you travel and be familiar with destination and the route you will take to get there.
  4. Inadequate surveillance: Make sure you keep a nice safety bubble around your vehicle as you travel. Check your path before backing up. 
  5. Driver fatigue: Make sure you are properly rested and if you become sleepy, stop driving and rest.
  6. Driver Distraction: Looking at your GPS, talking on the phone, eating, and adjusting the radio are all things that distract you from your focus on driving.
  7. Following too closely: Remember your vehicle is heavier than most, loaded with passengers and luggage, and therefore requires extra stopping distance. Don't tailgate people.
  8. Evasive action movements: If you have to take evasive action, make sure you have a plan and know what your evasive action is going to be before you need to implement it.

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