Move Your Limo Or Else You'll Get Towed

Jim Luff
Posted on November 9, 2016

(Wikipedia Commons photo: Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by The Bushranger using CommonsHelper. Author: Myke2020 at English Wikipedia)

(Wikipedia Commons photo: Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by The Bushranger using CommonsHelper. Author: Myke2020 at English Wikipedia)

Since I have left the operational world of the industry, I am beginning to share some of the more interesting stories from my 25-year career. Marriage proposals gone wrong was a mini-series recently shared. For the remainder of November, I will engage you in another mini-series of memorable events involving me, security guards, and real police officers.

My first story begins at one of the hottest swanky restaurants in town. A well-to-do couple had chartered a limousine to take them to dinner for their 25th wedding anniversary. I pulled into the large parking lot which includes parking for about 10 businesses in the same complex. The curb in front of the restaurant is about 30 yards from the front door, and clearly painted red. However, this is the only place to park without obstructing traffic and still have a clear line of sight to the front door.

After dropping the passengers off, I moved the car to the furthest place away in the parking lot and remained there for about an hour and 20 minutes. At this point, I moved into position along the red curb. I was not obstructing the pathway or bothering anyone. A security guard approached me and told me I needed to move the limo off the curb. I advised him I was picking up passengers who were dining at the very restaurant that was paying his salary. I went on to tell him that I didn't think the manager or owner would mind if I remained there waiting for my passengers to come out and asked him to go check. He refused. I refused to move. He told me he was going to have my vehicle towed. At that point, I just walked toward the back of my limo to catch the door when the passengers came out and I ignored the guard. I was stunned when a police cruiser pulled in about 30 minutes later, nose to nose with my limo.

The officer got out of the car and asked, "Did someone call about a problem?” The guard said, "I did." The security guard explained his position. The officer asked me how long I might be parked there. I told him it couldn't possibly be longer than 30 minutes at this point. He asked me if I understood I would have to remain with the limousine and if emergency vehicles such as a fire truck or ambulance came I would have to move the vehicle. I told him I understood. He said, “Gentlemen, have a good night,” and that was that. You just know I had a smirk on my face.

Next week: The battle with the Los Angeles Airport Police Officer. I won again!

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