Winter Driving Is Upon Us

Jim Luff
Posted on October 31, 2016

Driving in a winter wonderland... (Photo via PEXELS user
While winter doesn’t truly arrive until late December, the perils of driving in cold weather are here. This means drivers must take precautions and have expectations of cold weather hazards.

Consider carrying an extra set of windshield wipers in the trunk. If you have one that falls apart in a storm, you can easily replace it on the side of the road as opposed to trying to drive in blinding rain or snow.

Make sure you wipe down headlights and taillights during a stop after driving through bad weather. Taking a moment to wipe your headlights will provide you with better lighting while driving in a storm.

Watch out for trouble spots. Exit ramps and bridges can be the first to freeze and become very slippery. Watch out for black ice. This thin sheet of ice over the top of blacktop can give the illusion the road is simply wet when in reality, you are driving on ice. Be careful in intersections for the same reason. Vehicles may be unable to stop at their red light and slide into your path unintentionally.

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