A "Thumbs Up" Wedding Experience?

Jim Luff
Posted on October 24, 2016

Um...how do we get down the aisle now? (Photo via PEXELS user unsplash.com)

Um...how do we get down the aisle now? (Photo via PEXELS user unsplash.com)

Angelique Arsenault had waited 11 years to marry her sweetheart. She had made all the plans for her big wedding day. Of course, that included booking a limousine service for her grand arrival at the church in Milford, New Hampshire.

As we all know, sometimes things go wrong in this business. While there is never a good time for a customer service failure, two life events that frequently involve the use of a limousine, weddings and funerals, are an operator's worst nightmare for a failure.

As Angelique and her bridesmaids sipped champagne in the back of the limo on the way to church, they heard a loud noise and assumed the chauffeur had run over something on the road. There was no real concern until the chauffeur dropped the partition to inform the bridal party they had a flat tire and would have to wait for someone to come change it.

That wasn't an option for Angelique.  She promptly got out of the limo in her long white wedding dress and threw her thumb up at passing cars. With champagne flutes in hand, car after car passed them by. Well, some stopped to take photos of the odd sight before driving away. Finally, a man with a carload of kids stopped to check on the damsel in distress. Once he learned of her plight, he took the kids and dropped them off somewhere and came back for the party to take them to the church.

The bride arrived 30 minutes late to her own wedding but, hey...after 11 years, what's another 30 minutes?  No word on whether they received a refund or not.  How would you have handled this situation?  What would you have offered the client to make up for it?

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