When Marriage Proposals Go Wrong In The Limo: Part 2

Jim Luff
Posted on September 21, 2016

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Image: Pexels

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Last week I began a three week long mini-series about marriage proposals going wrong in the back of a limousine (the first of which can be found here). I have learned men who charter a limousine for the purpose of proposing marriage are generally not stable for starters, and somehow think the glamour and allure of a limousine will be the magic ticket to betrothal.

Here is the story of unlucky bachelor #2: In this marriage-proposal-gone-wrong episode, my passenger chartered a limousine to travel out of town for the proposal. The venue was a place called Tip’s in the quaint city of Valencia, Calif. Southern California operators may remember it for their famous cocktails called LaPoo LaPoo’s. I have no idea what that means, but they generally knocked the socks off most people. But even the LaPoo LaPoo and the limousine ride weren’t enough for a young lady. She not only rejected the marriage proposal, but hurled the engagement ring across the dimly lit restaurant. The rejected bachelor, the wait staff and I spent a good half hour searching with flashlights trying to find the rejected ring without success.

As we loaded up into the limo for the 1.5 hour ride home, there was obvious tension. I had no idea how crazy this ride would get. The partition was up and for the first 30 minutes of the ride, all was quiet. Then, a physical fight erupted. Glass broke, clothes ripped, and chaos ensued as I pulled the car off the road to intervene. Both apologized and promised it wouldn’t happen again and they would behave. I called my dispatcher to explain my situation and I expected more drama.

Much to my surprise, the car was quiet until I could hear and feel the distinct sound of people engaged in sex in the back of the limo. It appeared they had kissed and made up. Maybe this was their thing. I don’t know. Shortly after they finished the deed I could hear them laughing about the events of the night and how ridiculous they had behaved.

About 10 minutes later, the car began bouncing all over the road again. They had once again engaged in war instead of love. They were punching each other, spitting on each other, and throwing glassware at each other. Being back in radio range, I immediately radioed a code for an emergency onboard with an immediate police response requested. We were literally in the middle of nowhere. I pulled the limo over and ran to the back door. The girl jumped out of the car and bolted into an adjacent field. Since it was dark, she failed to see the barbed wire fence around the field and impaled herself on the barbs. The man ran to her side to help her. She began telling me he had raped her in the back of the limo. Say, what? I heard the sex. It was not forced from what I could hear through the partition. Either way, I knew the cops were coming and we were not moving until they arrived.

Upon arrival, the young man was arrested on the spot. I’m not sure what the charge was. My dispatcher had the presence of mind to roll another limo to my location to separate the parties. That was not necessary, but my limo was filled with broken glass, so the other limo took my female passenger and I returned to the garage empty. Needless to say, no one gave me a tip!

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