Limo Focus Group Dusts Denver With Kind Acts

Jim Luff
Posted on August 31, 2016

Wheels In Motion / Driving Results members practice random acts of kindness on the streets of Denver, such as handing a flower to a young woman. (Photo by Driving Results)

Wheels In Motion / Driving Results members practice random acts of kindness on the streets of Denver, such as handing a flower to a young woman. (Photo by Driving Results)

Last week, I participated in something magical while hosting a meeting for members of Wheels in Motion. The group is one of several organized by Driving Results. This was no ordinary meeting for the group that meets four times a year in different cities for educational purposes. This meeting would spread love and good deeds around the city of Denver.

Driving Results has organized several focus groups such as Wheels in Motion, Going Global, Global Partners and Spinning Wheels. I serve as the meeting facilitator for the Wheels in Motion Group. Each time we meet, we have three training topics, roundtable discussions, a team building activity, and strategic goal planning and review in a peer-to-peer setting.

Our teambuilding event in Denver was so much fun I am going to bring it to my hometown on a Saturday night. The premise was easy. The group of 12 was divided into two teams and each team armed with $25. Each half was told to go do good things for the citizens of Denver using the money and any resources they could locate.

The exercise was designed to see who would emerge as a leader, and what resources could be located and used. We documented all of the deeds on video or photo as they occurred. Deeds ranged from things as simple as tying a police officer’s shoe to assisting a lady who locked her keys in her car. One of the teams also worked at a soup kitchen, washing dishes and serving up food. In a random act with profound impact on both the givers and the receivers, a young mother with her young son was buying $11 in food product at a grocery store when her debit card declined. Seizing this moment of opportunity, the group stepped up and paid her grocery bill for her. Everyone was stunned as the young boy looked at the camera and said, “Thank you!” almost as if he truly understood the situation.

Members of this group hail from Massachusetts, Kansas, Virginia, California, Illinois, Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas and New York. It was wonderful to see the look of so many faces stunned as each was handed a flower, a piece of fruit or a simple snack size bag of cookies. Many were apprehensive. They wanted to know what “the catch” was. People are downright skeptical of good deeds. After showering them with a good deed, they were handed a card that explained they had been a recipient of a random act of kindness and encouraged them to pay it forward.

I can’t tell you how great it feels to make others smile for no reason at all, with no expectation of anything in return and no “catch.” I was so motivated by the exercise that when I got home, I bought a ticket to an event for someone who really wanted to go, but as a single mom, couldn’t afford it. She cried as I presented her the ticket and asked why I did this for her. I told her I was motivated by some things I had seen in Denver recently.

I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you that I presented sessions on using LinkedIn for marketing purposes, how to properly respond to an RFP with various examples passed out to the class, and how to create an operations handbook. Arthur Messina, managing director of Driving Results, presented a session on creating a trade show plan of attack to get the most out of the upcoming industry shows. The group is accepting new members. For more details visit

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