Keep Yourself Safe During Ride Terminations

Jim Luff
Posted on August 17, 2016

Due to the nature of our business, dealing with an obnoxious drunkard is simply part of the job. If you find you need to terminate a ride, you should follow these steps to protect yourself and your vehicle from an angry drunk.

If you eject a passenger, you might be so upset you contemplate pulling over to the nearest curb and saying, “Get out.” Never do this while in the driver’s seat. Pull over in a well-lit public location. Turn the vehicle off and remove the keys from the ignition and place them in your pocket. This prevents the passenger from stealing your vehicle to continue on to their destination. Get out of the car and ask the passenger(s) to get out also. Asking them from the driver’s seat allows them to attack you from behind and confines your ability to get away.

Make sure you tell your dispatcher, a fellow chauffeur, or another company contact when and where you will terminate the ride. Plan to follow-up with them once the passenger is out of the vehicle and you are safe. Set a time limit for calling the police if no follow-up call is made.

Better to be safe and have help on the way than calling to report you’ve been assaulted. Make sure your cell phone is in your hand. You might even turn the cell phone’s video mode on and record the termination. You can bluff and tell the passenger you are streaming the video live to your dispatcher or you might even consider using Facetime or Skype to actually stream it live.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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