Don’t Ask For A Customer Review If You Don’t Really Want It

Jim Luff
Posted on July 27, 2016

This is a real story involving America’s number one burger chain, McDonald’s. It’s a story that goes from bad to horrible. They asked for a review, I gave it. I’m going to break it down day-by-day and the specific incidents:

Day #1 – I go through the drive-thru at a McDonald’s location. The wait to get to the payment window is excruciating long. Two drivers in line couldn’t take it anymore and wiggled their way out and left without their food. This would soon cause another problem. As I arrived at the first window to pay, I asked the cashier why it had taken 13 minutes to get to the window. She said, “Your food should be ready now at the second window.” When I finally made it to the second window, they were confused about which order was mine due to the vehicles that had left. I again made a comment about the excessive delays. The employee told me I could fill out an online survey. The information to do so was on my receipt. I completed the online survey and was given a validation code to write on my receipt next to a written offer for one free Quarter Pounder with cheese OR an Egg McMuffin for completing the survey.

Day #2 – I go to a different McDonald’s about two miles away from the original location. I’m ready for my Egg McMuffin. The cashier tells me I have to buy one to get one free. I told her the receipt doesn’t say that. It says I get ONE FREE EGG MCMUFFIN. She’s not going to budge and I’m hungry so I pay for one to get one free and like a pig, ate both. After eating and stewing on it, I asked to speak to a manager. She informed me that at “her” McDonald’s it was owned by one franchisee and the other McDonald’s is owned by someone else. THIS McDonald’s does not offer a free sandwich. You must buy one to get one free. I told her that was deceptive and who owns a particular set of Golden Arches shouldn’t matter to me as the customer. I went home and did another online survey and let them have it. I got a new validation code and of course the new receipt from the second location clearly says buy one get one free.

Day #3 – The manager from the second location calls me and apologizes and asks me if I still have the receipt from the first visit. I did. Don’t ask me why, but I kept it. She invites me to come back and redeem it for one free sandwich and gives me her name to write on the receipt for redemption.

Day #4 – I return to location number two and present my receipt and ask for a Quarter Pounder with cheese and I informed the cashier I was redeeming it per Kelly the manager. This cashier told me she could not take it and would have to personally speak to Kelly or another manager about it. And, so I waited again. Finally, she decided to give me the burger.

I completed another online survey. You can only imagine what I had to say.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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