Driving Gems: Stay Calm Following An Accident

Jim Luff
Posted on June 15, 2016

As a commercial vehicle operator driving passengers for-hire, it's important to remain calm and collected following an accident.  Whether it's a minor fender bender or a huge crash with injuries, it's important to take a deep breath immediately following the collision and gather your wits about you.   Did you know police officers are taught how to employ breathing techniques during high-speed pursuits? That's because the pursuit will eventually come to an end of some type and the officer has to react to whatever that situation may bring.

As the captain of the vehicle you are driving, your passengers will look to you for direction.  They may be terrified, and it's quite possible they will not even know what just happened. Passengers in the passenger compartment of buses and limousines will likely not be watching the road or even the conditions outside the vehicle such as heavy traffic or pouring rain.

You and your passengers should be the number one focus following a collision.  All the information exchanges and documentation will take place, but your first order of business is to stay calm, call for help, and begin accounting for each of your passengers and assessing their condition so you can direct emergency responders to those who are most critically in need of help.  If you discover you are in need of help, call upon your passengers or bystanders to assist you and call for help as well as checking on all other passengers.

It's never advisable to move a person who has been injured.  However, if the vehicle is on fire and you need to get people out of the vehicle, enlist others to assist you and do it as quickly and safely as possible.  Again, remind yourself to be calm so you can be efficient at securing the scene as soon as possible, while protecting you and your passengers from any further harm.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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