Staying Slick With New Travel Tricks

Jim Luff
Posted on March 16, 2016

As most of you know by now, I retired from operating a limousine business day-to-day. I wasn’t quite done with my work life yet so I took a new job within the industry – sort of.

I am the business development and marketing manager for Chosen Payments and Chosen Technologies, a sister company to Chosen Payments that offers VoIP phone service and other technology based services. Chosen specializes in serving the limousine industry among many of its vertical markets, such as optometrists, retail home products, rental uniform companies and jewelry stores.

This new experience isn’t just about me learning the ins-and-outs and back-and-forth of credit card processing and phone services. It’s about learning how to travel light on business. Some of you may have viewed LCT Facebook post on 02/26 about what I packed in my bag for the International LCT Show. I was prepared for just about anything. That was a trade show. This week, I will travel on business purely to attend meetings such as the LANJ as well as meeting with Chosen Payments clients in their offices.

I tend to pack heavy and carry every conceivable item I might need. This trip will take me from my hometown of Bakersfield, Calif., to Denver. From there, it is on to Philadelphia. Next stop is Princeton before heading to Houston and then back home. This sounds like a weeks worth of travel right? No, it’s three days! And, for efficiency, I am doing only a carry on.

Clearly, I will learn how to pack light and travel efficiently as I go. I am going to learn new tricks at the airport such as bypassing the terminal check-in desk since I have no luggage to check and no reason to stop there. I will learn to enjoy airport and airplane food. I will learn to sleep on a plane and plead for late check-outs from hotels when I need to beg.

I am excited about the new opportunities and getting out from behind a desk and a steering wheel that were my other homes for 23 years. It is time to spread my wings and meet more operators face-to-face and hear of your challenges. Perhaps you will inspire me for my next LCT feature story while I am in your city.

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Jim Luff General Manager
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