LCT People’s Choice Awards Nominations Still Open

Tom Halligan
Posted on October 5, 2015

Help select the industry’s top operators by nominating candidates for the Annual People’s Choice Awards celebrating the best operators in the industry.

If you know individuals that you believe are deserving of recognition, please a few minutes to complete the nomination form

Entrepreneur of the Year: A person who has shown a unique pursuit of business, developed a product or concept and/or found ways to expand operations.

Leadership Award: A person who has influenced others to accomplish an objective or goal which resulted in positive effects on the organization.

Innovation Award: A person who has shown advanced knowledge and use of social media, mobile apps, tech amenities and/or tech-based fleet management or an operator who has started a technology venture.

Carla Boroday Humanitarian Award: Named after the late Florida operator and industry association leader and activist Carla Boroday, this award recognizes a person who has been creative and consistent in supporting a charity to improve quality of life or support a worthwhile cause.

Gold Star Award: Goes to a Good Samaritan who has gone beyond the call of duty in the spirit of service, acts of of kindness, and good will. 


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Comments ( 1 )
  • Douglas Berry

     | about 4 years ago

    I think youshould put in an award or rather a public statement to show to the world the operators who need to be publicly scrutinized fort shady or poor business practices. Those operators who give the rest a bad name. That way companies can know who they are and stop using them. If people stop buying bad service from operators who really only care about money then the industry can only get better from it. That said. I'd like to nominate Mike Haley and A Elite Limousines of Knoxville Tennessee and Orlando Florida for nbot payiong drivers fairly, sending drivers out in uniunsured vehicles and sending drivers out in vehicles with barely operational air conditioniong and heat or in vehicles with poor maintenance. Ive had vehicles with no operational HVAC and at least five times vehicles have overheated with passengers inside. This needs to be done. Thank You Douglas S. Berry

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