Looking At A Week In The Land Of Spamalot

Jim Luff
Posted on September 9, 2015

Last week I whined about the number of industry related emails send to me each day from a myriad of industry sources, wanna-be sources and industry related vendors. See: An Echanted Journey To Spamalot

If you opened every single one that came to you, it would be impossible to run your business.

I decided to track each industry related email received in a one week period (not including orders, employee emails and client emails). Here is my list of what I consider "junk email." Now, before anyone gets in a huff about the use of the word "junk," let me say it is a metaphor for things in my mailbox I could probably survive without. Not even a legal holiday could stop the madness.

09/02/15 06:06am – NLA/Deem Webinar TODAY
09/02/15 09:00am – GCLA – Last day to book block rooms at Expo
09/02/15 09:06am – Grech Labor Day Sprinter Sales
09/02/15 11:15am – I-Cars Finally an Alternative to Uber
09/02/15 11:44am – Deem – Travel & Expense Management White Page
09/02/15 1:53pm – South Bay Ford – MKT AWD 2014 Sale

09/03/15 5:03am – Your On Demand App is finally here!
09/03/15 5:07am – Zurich Insurance Transportation Safety Solutions Newsletter
09/03/15 12:01pm – NLA – Discounted Pass to BusCon
09/03/15 11:03pm – Busdrazy.net – Are you missing something bus sales
09/03/15 6:15pm – Jordan Limousine – Seattle Uber Drivers
09/03/15 6:53pm – Jordan Limousine – UBER loses California Lawsuits

09/04/15 05:02am – LCT – How To Maximize Vehicle Life & Profits
09/04/15 08:46am – Happy Labor Day from DPV Transportation Worldwide
09/04/15 09:40am – NLA Weekly President’s Message
09/04/15 12:23pm – Google My Ride: Uber Leaks Data
09/04/15 12:35pm – South Bay Ford – Livery Service Specials
09/04/15 1:13pm – South Bay Ford – 2012 Transit Connect

09/06/15 1:14pm – Limo Insider – Uber/Houston
09/06/15 1:59pm – Limo Insider – BBC News Exposes Uber
09/06/15 3:40pm – Limo Insider – Uber vs. Women

09/07/15 5:01am – LCT – Your On Demand App is finally here
09/07/15 3:44pm – Limo Insider Uber Driver runs over passenger

09/08/15 6:18am – LGE Coachworks – Time to make A Move
09/08/15 6:48am – LCT – Easily Track Your Drivers on a Map
09/08/15 9:49am – Morebrides – You can have results like this
09/08/15 10:09am – [email protected] - 20% off sale
09/08/15 10:14am – [email protected] further.com – Fortis Riders vs. Uber
09/08/15 10:24am – Arfcorp – More Uber Shenanigans
09/08/15 10:42am – Chauffeur Driven E-News
09/08/15 2:19pm – Limo Insider – Uber to recruit 5000 Drivers

I am not sure what the solution to this is. I'm sure every single person that sends an email believes that it is important, life changing or informative. But the fact is you have to make choices on how to spend your time.

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