Hope Rises In LCT's East Coast Home Of A.C.

Martin Romjue
Posted on June 17, 2015

An article in the most recent Weekly Standard magazine provides the most accurate and thorough view to date of the state of Atlantic City, N.J., site of LCT-NLA Show East at Harrah’s Resort Casino, Nov. 8-10.

WS feature article here.

Thanks to a bold, quirky Republican mayor, Atlantic City is seeing some fiscal sanity for the first time in years as it repositions its potential for tourism and conventions. For anyone looking to get the real story on the home of the industry’s East Coast trade show, the article would be a worthwhile read.

The bottom line is any smack talk -- including clueless comments from some industry voices -- of A.C.’s demise as a convention and tourism city appears vastly exaggerated. The historic, storied ocean city has a cycle of reinventions and comebacks throughout the last century, and recent doldrums are the latest rebirthing pains.

At times, a strategy of thinking small and profiting from it ensures long term stability and eventual growth instead of trying to be all things to all people while bragging big.

LCT Magazine is proud to be part of the A.C. comeback, as we are among the first trade shows and conventions to use the new Harrah’s conference center scheduled to open in September. Our show will be all about affordability and access; rooms and travel costs cheaper than for industry events in larger cities plus the convenience of all activity happening under one roof.

That’s the best industry deal around for small fleet operators, stretching from the Carolinas to Quebec. We’re glad to be back where the modern day limousine industry started. Three cheers to Mayor Don Guardian.

One sidenote: It's rather telling that Do A.C.’s slogan is “Don’t Stop Believing.” LCT Land should be familiar with that slogan, theme of this year’s International LCT Show in Las Vegas.

It looks like we’re really on to something. See you in A.C.

LCT background article: LCT Announces New Trade Show Venue

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Martin Romjue Editor
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  • Jeffrey Roberts

     | about 5 years ago

    Atlantic City will always be a destination, no matter what. Boardwalk, beaches and events make it a happening place for South Jersey. Maroon 5 is doing a beach concert soon.

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