High-Tech, Lowbrow Hypocrisy On Display

Martin Romjue
Posted on May 7, 2015
Politics and hypocrisy have always gone hand-in-greasy-hand. The 21st Century version adds high-tech to the bipartisan arrangement.

Recent media reports relay how campaign and Congressional staffs of politicians from both parties ran up major Uber tabs during the 2014 election cycle.

New York magazine article here

The one good thing about this habit is that the political elite are experiencing firsthand the creative ingenuity of technology and how it enhances economic productivity, something that has been a bit below average since Jan. 20, 2009. If riding with Uber makes politicians and all the former Obama staffers working for Uber more pro-business, so much the better.

But most politicians still have not connected the fact that they enjoy a mostly un-regulated ground transportation service competing with other over-regulated ground transportation services, i.e. taxis, limos, airport shuttles, etc. Regulations, I might add, that many of them supported and approved, and refuse to repeal or revise.

We should remember that politicians also pay a lot of lip service to fairness and justice as they keep discovering the middle class and Main Street businesses in election years. The challenge for the limousine and taxi industries is to link the concepts of fairness and justice to productivity and convenience. The result would be either more regulations for transportation network companies (TNCs) or fewer regulations for other ground transportation services.

Now there's a duality for double-minds to think about, as they have more time on their hands while being driven around.

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Martin Romjue Editor
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