Elon Musk, Grabby Crony Capitalist

Martin Romjue
Posted on March 26, 2015

One of the more discouraging experiences  is watching consumers get misled who don’t yet realize it, and when you point it out, you get pushback. Until the facts come out.

It makes the i-told-you-so moments all the richer.

So has been the case with most things green. Some of us could see back in the late 2000s that this was an emerging fad, or religion for some, fueled by the doctored science behind alleged climate change and subsidized green energy firms, services and products, most of which could not survive on the bare free market. The media hype reached cultic levels.

How refreshing that Wall Street Journal columnist Holman W. Jenkins Jr. has said things about the Tesla that lesser scribes will not. His column this week lays out the true picture behind this subsidized bullet train wreck of an electric car company, which has become the poster boy for the elusive green economy.

There’s no doubt the Tesla is advanced in its technology and fun to drive, as I can attest. The vehicle qualifies as a novelty and diversion for auto hobbyists who can afford it. If that’s what a consumer wants to drive, have at it. If Tesla as a company survives on its own — self-financed and solidly engineered — then more power to them, no pun intended.

But in the present scenario, this government-connected, private-sector-tax-dollar enabled green scheme should be called out for what it is, not what others dream it to be.

One operator who bought multiple Teslas told me privately the car is unprofitable, and the backseat only marginally comfortable for clients. That’s in addition to the charging/range issues that plague electric cars. How many electric charging stations do you see outside every airport in America compared to gas stations? How long does it take to fuel up a Lincoln compared to charging a Tesla?

For chauffeured service operators, the answers are obvious. Once Tesla catches up and sells a long-range, long wheelbase sedan for $40,000 to $50,000 sans subsidies and credits, and with fueling times measured in minutes, then we'll be on to something.

All that wasted taxpayer money on Tesla subsidies could have financed tax breaks and compensated fees for small businesses. Better yet, how about a federal limo/livery rebate program for all chauffeured vehicles?

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