Brat Uber Doesn't Even Want To Follow Easier Rules

Martin Romjue
Posted on February 26, 2015

Sometimes the biggest victories in a wider war come in the smaller or unexpected places.

Uber's decision to pull out of Boise for what it called onerous rules, or rules that limo and taxicab operators must obey, illustrates Uber's contempt for safety and a fundamental American sense of fairness.

The rules that made Uber throw down like a brat and then scurry away weren't even as stringnet as rules for taxicabs. Imagine that: A city government is willing to hand Uber a lower standard of regulations and Uber would rather shut down than comply.

According to a KTVB-TV (Boise) report: "Uber management wasn't pleased with the city's proposal, which included background checks for drivers, annual inspections by the city, requiring driver's carry insurance, making drivers adhere to airport shuttle regulations, requiring drivers get a physical and commercial licenses, and requiring Uber to get a business license. Those regulations are less stringent than those imposed on local cab companies."

The Uber reaction says three things:

  • Even when a local government is willing to put Uber into a favored regulatory category, Uber doesn't care about minimal passenger safety.
  • Uber cannot AFFORD to comply with the same insurance, maintenance, safety and licensing rules of legitimate, law abiding limousine and taxi companies. Throw in the possibility that Uber drivers are misclassified as independent contractors, Uber and TNCs could see their Goldilocks business models implode.
  • Uber once again bungles its public relations approach. Complaining about rules that every sane and reasonable paying customer would want shows a blase attitude toward passenger safety. Did the Uber manager check with publicity whiz David Plouffe, first, or does Plouffe practice the same tactics as the cultic President he once submitted to? Common rules don't apply to us.

The Boise debacle also illustrates once again the general idiocy of so many local and state governments on this issue. You don't create a separate regulatory category for Transportation (not technology) Network Companies (TNCs) that can be singled out for exemptions and favors. You regulate TNCs like taxis or limos. Make up your minds. Or cut the limo and taxi regs down to TNC size.


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Martin Romjue Editor
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  • Chuck Cotton

     | about 6 years ago

    Uber's crisis in mass recruiting of drivers seems to be solved by Plouffe, Obama's confidante still today who is on the board of Obama's foundation. The criteria is finding the guy or lady who has no regards for the laws. Such are street hustlers and con people who have a history of unemployment, drug pushing, stealing and shop lifting-just plain old PETTY THIEVES, ex-cons and low lifers. Uber and Lyft know their drivers and vehicles are NOT going to qualify anywhere regardless of what TNC laws that may be adopted like in Colorado or California or Oklahoma. FREELOADERS are the perfect driver recruit. Free money, no taxes, no restrictions and then the freeloader usually can get a new luxury sedan or SUV by just signing up, no credit, no down payment, no commercial public auto liability insurance. Wheeew! Plouffe is a genius in developing a "cult" foundation for Uber with Kalanick as the cult leader. Now mix this up along with his ISIS - like "WAR" strategies (which are very real) all confirms Kalanick's public modus operandi," I don't care about your laws. I have my own laws. We don't need no stinking regulations. I declare "WAR on the asshole taxis. Join us or PERISH." We have an international crisis that is cult like run by fanatical, greedy extremists that is totally out of control.This is a "perfect storm" developing quickly. Clearly, this is the biggest fraud in the history of the world and when the storm does hit, it will not be a ripple effect but a tsunami that will cover the globe affecting the world economy and security. There is nothing worse than a petty thief and freeloader. Thank goodness our industry are hardworking, honest, loyal individuals making an honest dollar who complies with the laws and protects our passengers. We are not scavengers like Uber and Lyft drivers who drive criminally. These street hustlers are hustling Uber as they circumvent the jobs , collect the credit card info on the square devices and keep 100% of the money. No app, No mete

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